When will I have power to my home?
  • After all fees have been paid, and all paperwork (easements, deposits) is completed, it should take 7 to 10 working days. Weather conditions may delay this more.
  • If no line has to be constructed and only a meter has to be set, service can normally be provided the next working day.
Do you have a payment plan where I can pay the same amount each month?

Budget Billing is a billing method that helps residential members avoid the wide changes in monthly bills brought about by use of electric heat and air conditioning. The program spreads the cost out across the year so monthly bills don’t vary drastically. To qualify you must:

  • receive service at the specific location for 12 months
  • have a good credit history
  • use more than 930 kilowatt hours a month
Do you offer payments by bank draft?

Monthly electric bills can be paid by bank draft. Under this program you give your bank permission to pay your bill from your checking account each month. The bill you receive from Magnolia Electric Power  is marked paid. Ask for a payment by bank draft application from Magnolia Electric Power Billing Department.

What are your rates?

A residential rate and a residential all-electric rate are available. A winter adjustment to both residential rates reduces the cost above 1,000 kilowatt hours during the heating season. Other rates apply to farm, commercial and industrial consumers.

What are your deposits and other service fees?
  • Service Charge: $40
    • Collection Fee $40
    • Reconnect-Regular Hours (8-4) $40
    • Reconnect Overtime $80
    • Trip for Non Coop Problem $20

Security /Pole installation fee: $30

Rental Prices on Poles Used By Security Lights:

  • 30 Foot Pole $2.80
  • 35 Foot Pole $3.50
  • 40 Foot Pole $4.45
I’m building a new home, do you have any special incentives?

Magnolia Electric Power’s Comfort Advantage Home program provides incentive payments to members building new all-electric homes. In order to qualify, the home must meet certain insulation and weatherization requirements, use a high efficiency electric water heater and be heated and cooled by a high efficiency heat pump.

  • Contact Lucy Shell at Magnolia Electric Power prior to beginning construction for details.
How much does it cost to get power to my house/mobile home/apartment?

All prospective members are required to pay a $20 membership fee. No additional membership fee is required for extra accounts. A $40 service charge is required for each service point. In addition to these charges, a member is required to pay additional deposits.

How long does it take to get power to my home?

If line construction is needed, it should take 7-10 working days after all fees have been paid.

Can you bill the deposit?

No, a deposit must be paid upfront before the power is turned on.

How do I get electric service to my mobile home?

You will need to bring to the Magnolia Electric Member Services Department:

  • A current mobile home registration certificate from your tax assessor.
  • A 911 address.

You will also need to provide:

  • A meter pole must be provided at the site of Magnolia Electric’s specifications.

(Click here to see the mobile home meter loop specifications along with the diagram.)

In addition, if a line must be built across someone else’s property to serve you, you will be asked to obtain easements (written permission to cross the property and remove trees and shrubbery.)

What will it cost to get my mobile home electric power set up?
  • See “Line Construction Cost” on our Member Services page. Ask one of our Member Service representatives for details.
How long will it take to get power to my mobile home?
  • After all fees have been paid, all forms signed and any other requirements have been met, it should take 7 to 10 working days. Weather conditions may delay this more.
  • If no line has to be constructed and only a meter has to be set, service can normally be provided the next working day.
Are you going to cut any trees?

If a primary line is installed, a minimum of 30 feet will be cleared.

Are you going to clean up my yard after you are through building the line?

Members are responsible for cleaning up the right-of-way.

Why do we have a construction charge for different things?

Construction charges are accessed so that existing members do not have to subsidize new construction for new members.

How can I lower my power bill?

Energy Guide (pdf 1.6 MB)