Member Services

Application for membership and electric service with Magnolia Electric Power may be made by visiting the office, which is located at 3027 Highway 98 West, west of Summit, or by contacting the office by phone to start the process. You become a member of Magnolia Electric by paying a $20 membership fee and completing the application process for electric service. A membership entitles you to one or more electric service connections. The $20 is refundable upon discontinuance of electric services. A $40 service charge is required for each connection.
Security Deposits

Residential Applicants

New-service applicant who pose no credit risk will be charged no deposit.

New-service applicant who pose substantial credit risk will be charged a deposit equal to two and one half times the highest average month’s use for the service address during the preceding 36 months or a minimum of $300 if no history of use is available. This would also apply to any member that has previously filed bankruptcy or had uncollectable accounts with Magnolia Electric Power.

Commercial Applicants

Commercial deposits shall, in the discretion of the association, be based upon either two months estimated use or two times the highest month’s usage of previous available history.

Contact Magnolia Electric Power Member Services Department for more details.

How Long Will It Take?

Under normal circumstances most accounts that require no line construction are connected the following workday. Accounts needing line construction require seven to ten working days after all fees are paid, forms signed and other requirements met. Weather conditions may delay this longer.

Line Construction Costs

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Are you building? Do you qualify for MEP’s Comfort Advantage Program?

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Mobile Homes

Under current law you must provide proof of registration with the county tax assessor and a 911 address in order to receive electric service for a mobile home.

Click here to download the mobile home meter loop specifications along with the diagram. (140k, pdf)

Installation Requirements

Service entrances, meter poles etc., must meet certain requirements before Magnolia Electric Power will connect the installation. These requirements are available from Magnolia Electric Power.

Click here to download the overhead service entrance mast specifications along with a diagram.

Underground Secondary and Primary Construction

Click here to download the underground specifications along with a diagram. (260k, pdf)


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 Bank Draft Authorization

Bank Draft is a convenient way to pay your bill. This form will authorize MEP to make automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account each month to pay the amount due on your electric bill’s due date.

Click here to download and complete the Bank Draft Authorization form.


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