Plan Ahead

Even the most reliable power service can be interrupted occasionally. Plan ahead. Place flashlights and batteries, candles, and matches where they’re easily found in the dark. Also store water, non-perishable foods, a first-aid kit and battery operated radio where others can find them.

While Power is Off

Check your breakers. If your breakers are tripped, try them. If they trip again, call an electrician. If they are not tripped CALL Magnolia Electric Power at the outage number for your area. Turn off all appliances. Leave at least one light on to show when power resumes.


If you use a standby generator, make sure it has a manual or an automatic disconnect switch. If not, use the main breaker on your service panel to cut power. A generator that remains connected to main power lines can back-feed and possibly injure a utility worker.



  • McComb (601) 684-4011
  • Brookhaven (601) 833-7011
  • Tylertown (601) 876-5671
  • Franklin County 1-800-898-0265
Your Call

We always have a dispatcher on duty in addition to an automated voice response system. Sometimes when there are outages due to a major storm you can’t always get through to the dispatcher. Please leave a message with your information on our automated voice system as it will be recorded into the outage system. We are currently taking advantage of caller-id, so when you call with an outage we know just where you are. Please make sure that if you change your phone number, we know about it.

Storm Updates
  • Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date during major storms. Our Outage Viewer at the top of this page also updates continuously.
Power Restoration