Magnolia Electric Power’s safety department is active in many areas. The primary objective is to prevent injuries and accidents to the general public and association employees, and, when the need arises, provide emergency assistance during a natural disaster.


Our job includes not only delivering dependable electric service but teaching our member-owners how to use it safely. This is accomplished by the many safety programs presented by our association to schools, community and civic groups. If you would like to schedule a program, contact Scott Weeks, Manager of Safety & Loss Prevention.


Make sure your family knows these important safety rules:

  • If you see a power line on the ground, stay away. An energized power line can kill on contact. Call Magnolia Electric Power to report the problem, and keep others away, too.
  • Know where power lines cross your property, and be aware of them when raising tall objects such as antennas and ladders, or using farm equipment. Touching a power line with these items can be deadly.
  • Please choose a location other than a power pole for signs. Signs on poles are extremely hazardous for linemen.
  • Prevent children from climbing trees that have a power line passing among their branches.
  • If you have underground electrical service to your home, farm or business, call Magnolia Electric Power before digging to avoid accidental contact with power lines.


For more information, please contact:

  • Scott Weeks, Manager of Safety & Loss Prevention



For more information about electric power safety visit our FAQ page. Downloadable safety information can be accessed below.