Criteria for the Scholarship:


The Emmitt C. Taylor Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund is established in memory of Emmitt C. Taylor Jr. of McComb and sponsored by Magnolia Electric Power of McComb, MS. The scholarship will be based on financial need, personal motivation, educational and career goals, and extracurricular activities, as well as the overall quality of the application. Funds for the scholarship will be provided by Magnolia Electric Power to the recipient who is enrolled in the fall semester at any college. A $500 scholarship will be awarded each year and divided over the two semesters. Any major or course of study will be considered. Scholarship applications are ready on March 1 of the year applying. Deadline for applications will be May 1.


The recipient of the scholarship must be:

  • the child of a Magnolia Electric Power employee or a member of the Magnolia Electric Power; the grandchild of a Magnolia Electric Power employee or retiree
  • taking 12-hours, therefore classified as a full-time student
  • have a 2.5 cumulative grade-point-average


Other criteria used for the awarding of the scholarship will include:

  • Completed Magnolia Electric Scholarship Fund Application Form
  • Transcripts (photocopy of official transcripts is acceptable)
  • Two letters of recommendation are required


The scholarship will be awarded in the fall semester to a full-time student and will continue for the spring semester, provided that the student maintains an overall 2.50 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. The selection of the recipient will be administered by the Magnolia Electric Power Scholarship Committee, which will include an impartial committee of judges from outside of the company. A student may apply for the scholarship all four years of undergraduate studies, but must reapply each year.


The Scholarship Committee will review the applicants and will recommend the person to receive the scholarship. The recipient will be advised of his or her selection by July 1. A check will be mailed to the college selected by the recipient to apply toward tuition, fees, books, supplies and/or equipment required for the courses at the educational institution. A copy of a letter of acceptance from the college the applicant will attend, or statement explaining acceptance is required before the scholarship payment will be released. Magnolia Electric reserves the right to use the name and/or photograph of scholarship award recipients in promotional materials designed to increase awareness of the Scholarship Fund.